Growing a pretty pineapple plant!

It’s really easy to grow pineapple plants, though the fruits will come after waiting for 1-3 years. That too, if you have a good garden space for the plant to grow. Since I only have balcony space where I keep small pots, harvesting is not an option for me yet. Even then, what’s stopping you from having these gorgeous plants in pots? Here’s how my home grown pineapple plant looks!


Step 1: Pluck the top most part of a pineapple, which we usually discard after eating the fruit.

Step 2: Remove the bottom most leaves, about 1-2 inches & keep it in water for about 2 weeks. You’ll see white roots developing like in the first picture above.

Step 3: Once roots are about an inch long, you can plant it in soil! It’s pretty sturdy plant & doesn’t require regular watering or much care. Just wait it out & watch it grow! 🙂


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