Say no to making Garbage

There’s garbage everywhere and it’s disgusting. It’s terrible the way we are creating more & more mess everyday, fully aware of the fact that it has no where to go. Landfills (an extremely awful choice to deal with the waste by the way) are running out. With no information on how to deal with this, people are burning away heaps & heaps of waste, which contains plastic, rubber etc. Things that should never be burnt!

I firmly believe governments across the globe should ban plastic packaging and should ask the manufacturers to sell their produce in packaging they can take responsibility for. That’s a long way ahead, and I’m not entirely positive it will ever be fully enforced. But that doesn’t mean we should give up!

We gotta start cleaning our own mess.

Growing up, I was told not to litter the streets, public places & our home. I was told to throw the garbage away in dust bins. Now though, we need to do much more. We really need to stop making garbage. We need to stop throwing stuff in bins. And yes, it is an achievable task. Many are practicing it in their homes, campuses, workplaces etc. It can be done!!


To start with, segregate your waste. Most of the organic waste, which account for 50-80% of our total waste can be composted. You can start home composting, or on a community level. You can even just feed the organic waste to stray animals, cows for example will eat most of the green stuff. Just don’t let this go to landfills.

The real challenge lies with the stuff that does not decompose easily or things such as plastic which doesn’t decompose at all. The best thing is to eliminate the use of such things. Carry your own bags for grocery shopping, don’t use disposables, buy in bulk, make stuff rather than buy, by stuff which comes in eco friendly packaging, carry your water bottle, basically re-think all the day to day habits and become more aware of your actions.

This stuff doesn’t have to be hectic or difficult. It can actually be fun to explore the alternatives, and learn the small ways in which each one of us can make a huge difference!

Take a hard look at your garbage today, & start planning different ways to decompose, recycle and ultimately reduce it. You can do it! 🙂



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