What you already know

I attended a talk by Dr. Achutyen recently, called ‘How to be your own doc’.

He spoke about how the animals closest to human beings, like apes have a primary diet of raw fruits and how we humans have deviated from it to an extent that a lot of us don’t consume anything raw at all. He spoke about looking up the ingredients of stuff we eat, how almost everything has both sugar & salt in it. How sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. How the heart disease is spreading at an alarming rate, and how in 90% of the cases, the problem is avoidable and/or reversible.

Although the talk was short & ended without a proper conclusion or closure (though i feel it was intended that way), I did soak up some relevant points and here they are for reference:

  • As much as possible, eat raw. Eat food in the form closest to it’s occurrence in nature. So, for example:  Salads > Boiled veggies > Fried veggies > Packaged stuff made out of some veggies. I googled this up, and found that some studies suggest 85% of our diet should be raw!
  • Use you body. Apes, our closest relatives, are active beings. Always up to something. So are young children. We on the other hand sit all day. Of course it’s bad for us!
  • Connect with nature. Holidays in the mountain or lying on a beach feels so refreshing. Take time out to feel that way everyday. Walk in the park, around a lake, go trekking etc.

Most of this stuff is in sync with what we already know, we just don’t implement it in our lifestyle. His point being, we can reduce/reverse our diseases if we just followed this intuitive way of living.


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