Some lifestyle tips

Recently I answered this question on quora: What are some lifestyle tips that both saves money or time and benefit the environment?

My answer: I’m in the process of developing a daily routine which is exactly in line with what you asked: environment friendly & saves money. Here are some things that I’m trying:

  • Cycle to work, and to most other places. This has an added advantage of taking care of your health, so less medical bills later on in life. I suggest you invest in a good cycle which you’d wanna ride.
  • Don’t buy a car. Most of the times, public transport or personal cabs fulfill the need. Read: Saving Money: How do you explain a car free lifestyle to skeptical friends?
  • Grow your own food. As much as possible. Some plants are really easy to grow, depending upon the climatic conditions you’re in. Also, its a nice, cheap, eco-friendly hobby. In fact, herbs and certain other plants can also be grown. I now use aloevera gel fresh from plants as hair conditioner and face cream. Works like magic and saves a lot of money!
  • Compost your organic waste. Great way of reducing the waste that goes out to landfills, and super resource for your plants.
  • De-clutter. Give away the stuff you don’t really use. It’ll help someone, reduce consumption. You can also make some cash if you chose to sell it rather than donating.
  • Buy only the stuff which you need. Before buying always think if your use case is temporary, try to lend it instead of spending money. Also, carrying your own water helps reduce the ever increasing disposable water bottle waste. Can also carry your own utensils, and avoid using disposables. A spoon/fork is real easy to carry!
  • Share stuff. Offer to share things with people so that others don’t have to buy avoidable things.
  • Learn how to cook. Saves money, is definitely healthier, reduces food wastage etc.
  • Be vegan. It’s the most environmental friendly lifestyle choice an individual can make.

I’m sure there are many more things one can try! You have to become a conscious consumer and evaluate your situation. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Some lifestyle tips

  1. Interesting post, I’ve tried being a vegan but keep caving into a nice beef stew in winter months. I try not to purchase too much packaging as I think this is another one we could all cut down on. My compost bin is a great source for my garden and the roses are benefiting from it. However, with no bus available we are dependent on the car to get to the nearest town 10Km away.

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    1. I guess trying to eat mostly raw, vegan things with a few exceptions is justified! I occasionally give in for yoghurt (curd) as well. Trying hard to let go.

      Not to purchase packaging is great, I’m trying to maximize it in every way possible. It’s difficult when most of the stuff we use on a day to day basis comes wrapped up in layers of plastic! But if we look, there are many local stores/suppliers who’ll supply without the packaging if we persistently ask for it.

      Kudos for your composting efforts!

      Well in your situation I guess car is required. I live in a well connected Indian city, Bangalore. We have cabs, autos and buses. And for short routes (my office is 2kms away), I use my bicycle.

      Great to know you found this post interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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