Baby steps towards minimalism

I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism lately and it is inspiring. Traditionally, I was the kind of person who used to have loads and loads of clothes and still dint know what to wear on a given day. I enjoyed shopping for clothes and random useless stuff. I still do it, but much less. Mostly because now I live in my own house where I’m responsible for managing all of my stuff <I miss you Mom>. But lately, I’ve started noticing that I don’t enjoy having a lot of stuff. I do enjoy shopping for new clothes, but I end up repeating the same few things often, the comfy stuff I’ve had since forever. So what’s the point?

With gardening, exercising, doing experiments with healthy vegan food, and determining not to produce trash, minimalism is almost the natural next step. Here’s the video that got me started. And the baby steps I took:

  1. First round of wardrobe purging. I was eliminate some 15 odd clothing items from my wardrobe which are either ruined, don’t fit or just not my style any more. It is seriously disturbing I have all this stuff while some people don’t have enough to wear on a daily basis. I donated these to Goonj. I’m slowly going to get rid of most of the clothes I have and keep very few, good ones with me.
  2. I collected all the random purchases I made while traveling or just from the mall which I haven’t used and have no need of, for giving away as gifts.
  3. Decluttered my kitchen. I never bought any kitchenware but somehow my kitchen is full from all the wedding gifts. This exercise was a real eye opener, I’m using all these cheap plastics while storing all the nice glassware for I don’t know when (apocalypse?). Have packed up every thing plastic (except some tupperware) for give away. Happy to report I now have space to sit on my kitchen shelves while cooking :D.

That’s it for one weekend. To help me continue I have the following things in mind:

  • A designated box too keep all the discarded clothes, so I can fill it up as I go and don’t have to aggressively go through my wardrobe.
  • Don’t shop. I have shopped like crazy in Oct last year before my wedding, most stuff I only wore twice or thrice. I have shopped here & there since then (1 denim, 1 top from thrift shop, 1 formal kurti for my convocation, a pair of shoes, etc.). I have much more than I need and now I am going to impose a full shopping ban (clothes + footwear + bags) till 1st Jan 2017.
  • Won’t open up all the gifts and start using them, no matter who gifted it to me. If I don’t use it then there’s really no point of keeping it.
  • Start regular donation drives in my neighborhood to turn the decluttering into an event! Had one successful drive last weekend! 🙂donation_drive

I’m determined to follow through because the feeling I get every time I step inside that clean kitchen is so light & amazing. I want to feel that way forever, everywhere!



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