Morning Routine

The importance of routine cannot be overstated. Especially if you’re trying to achieve a goal. In my pursuit of a ‘better self’ I realized my old habits: sleeping whenever, getting up whenever, eating whatever, wherever.. it basically sums up to a week, a month, an year, a lifetime of just ‘living’ and not achieving all the things that I want to achieve. Sure, I care, I get ideas, but without an implementation plan, complete with a routine to crack it regularly, my ideas will fade away into nothingness.

So, here I am with my morning routine. It’s not perfect yet. I am still working on it. But it’s getting better.

  • Get up between 6:30-7 am
  • Plan my day while getting up from bed. Remind myself of the stuff I have to do for the day, get excited about whatever interesting I’m going to do today.
  • Water the plants in my balcony garden. No kidding, that’s the first thing I do after I get out of my bed! It’s a great way to open my eyes. The greens, the flowers are pleasant & so is the morning wind.
  • Freshen up, meet & greet whoever else is staying at home. Check messages on phone. Reply to the urgent ones. Read some article I marked for reading last day.
  • Go for a run from 8-8:30.
  • Take a shower, get ready for work.
  • Make a green smoothie. This is my second favorite part of the morning, after watering my plants. I mix and match leafy greens, flaxseeds, some nuts and some fruits to make an awesome smoothie every morning (granted it’s not awesome every morning, but hey, that’s how we learn!).
  • Have a bowl of sprout salad with variable ingredients ranging from various fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies or have vegetable oats.
  • Add all the organic waste from my bin into the composter & give it a good stir!
  • Cycle to work by 9:15, reach office by 9:30 (perks of living close to work, you can have a lazy morning).

This routine stays mostly the same on weekends, except I spend almost twice the time for each task! This daily morning routine enables me to get my exercise, breakfast full of nutrition, spend at least a few minutes with my plants and on my compost every day! It’s almost perfect. I just need to make some room for reading. I’d really like to have 20-30 minutes of time for reading a book.


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