Recently we went to a 3 day workshop on permaculture. It is a farming technique which focuses on mimicking natural ecosystems. The basic idea is to strengthen & build the soil using organic matter & microbial action. The idea is to make a sustainable system which minimizes the external inputs into the soil i.e. no fertilizers, pesticides etc.

The ideas of permaculture and natural farming can be studied in Fukuoka‘s famous book ‘One Straw Revolution’ and I will not try to cover them in brief here as I’m scared I’ll mess it up. For the longest time I thought the obsession with nature & organic was against science, and hence was always vary of it. Well, it kind of is against science in a way, as science is practiced in a  reactive form in this area. Meaning, it kind of focuses on fixing the symptoms of a given problem rather than root causing the issue. Almost all the government policies which are supposedly aimed at helping farmers end up using this incomplete science and encouraging wrong practices. The book & the workshop offered some inexpensive, practical solutions that can easily be adopted. I’d really recommend everyone to read this short book, even if you have no interest in farming. In the very least, it will teach you to be better consumers.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the workshop:

IMG-20160411-WA0001 IMG-20160411-WA0003 IMG-20160412-WA0002



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