I started this blog about 11 months ago. And I feel it’s a good time to reflect on my goals & see how far I have come. Here’s what I wanted to explore, along with the mission status :

  • Be vegan: Successfully completed! 🙂
  • Create zero waste:  Have taken several steps in this direction (composting, menstrual cup, carrying my own bags for grocery shopping, refusing bottled water, cutting down on heavily packaged foods, etc.) but there’s still some scope & I don’t believe I’m done with as far as I can go.
  • Live in a sustainable manner: This is so vague, what does it even mean?! I guess I’ll have to define this properly before I can say how far I could reach.
  • Adopt minimalism & a frugal lifestyle: Hmm.. again frugal is vaguely defined here. In any case, this mission was mostly unsuccessful. We ended up getting a new bigger refrigerator, a basic sofa set and a fancy bookshelf this year.
  • Help the environment: How very grand of me! 😀 Well, we planted a couple of trees. And nagged our local elected corporator to plant a whole lot more. I am also experimenting with some environmentally friendly products (shampoo, soap, detergent).
  • Be fit mentally & physically: Hmm.. since I again slacked on the definition.. I would say a partial success. I feel strong and healthy, I am managing exercise 5 times a week, I’m eating healthy most meals. My weight is stable & I dint fell sick at all (I know because I dint apply for any sick leave for last 1 year). I don’t know how to judge my ‘mental fitness’, hence the partial successful tag.

I guess finding your younger self immature & lacking in the basic grasp of ideas.. is well a good sign. Maybe I have become a slightly better version of myself! 🙂


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