Trying to be a sane vegan

People come in all shades of grey. It’s always best to not be clouded by stereotypes or think in terms of black & whites. I want to list some important points to keep in mind if you’re a vegan or transitioning into one.

  • Being a vegan does not put you on a pedestal giving you special rights to pass judgements on people who aren’t vegan or vegan enough, according to your standards.
  • Being a vegan does not absolve you of everything else. Trust me, you can still improve and learn. And a lot of that learning can come from non vegans.
  • You don’t have to agree with another vegan, just because they are vegan. Sounds silly, but happens a lot. In a vegan vs non vegan debate you are forced to participate in, do what you should do anyway: try to be rational and keep an open mind.
  • Non vegans are not evil. Even the ones you think know what veganism is all about. Chances are they don’t understand what the deal is. And in any case, we are a product of our social conditioning and it takes time to break away & change.
  • Don’t oppose anything important (medicine for example) just because it doesn’t align with veganism unless you are aware of a vegan alternative that’s almost equally viable. Only protesting, without providing a solution doesn’t help. It’s always a better use of energy to instead promote viable vegan alternatives, and help find solutions where those don’t exist yet.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.  – Socrates

I’m gonna end here with a promise to come back and update this post as & when I learn more.


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