Compassionate Non-vegan

You may understand the message: that we can live well enough without harming and abusing animals. Yet, for whatever reason, you don’t think it’s possible for you to be vegan. In this post I want to highlight ways in which you can still help the cause, even if you’re not vegan (yet) & even if you’re not trying to be vegan (yet).

  • Do whatever you can do.

Labels are important. They convey the message in a more crisp way. But labels are not the end goal. It’s horrible the way we are collectively responsible for torturing and killing animals and the end goal is to be better than that. It’s to let animals be free. If you can’t be fully vegan, then don’t be fully vegan. Be as much vegan as you can be. Make vegan choices. Sign petitions. Foster/adopt animals. Donate to charities fighting the good fight. Educate yourself. Educate others. Keep trying to do whatever you can.


Personally, I did not turn vegan overnight. And it’s great if you can, but if you can’t, then know that you can still help. Being receptive to the message and bringing in small changes in your lifestyle works too.

  • Support vegan alternatives and vegan businesses.

One of the main reasons people feel like they can’t go vegan is because they feel that there’s a lack of vegan products in the market. You can choose to buy vegan products & food items and help support ethical businesses grow. It may sound small, but has the potential to cause shift in the industry. You also end up eating more vegan foods and using cruelty free products in the process, which is a great thing in itself.


  • Support vegans you know.

One of the other main reasons people don’t go vegan is because they perceive it as socially awkward. People don’t want to stand out and be mocked at by their own friends and family or judged by total strangers. It’s strange how contributing to causes, taking a stand, is always applauded once it becomes mainstream but ridiculed & laughed off if it’s in minority. Being vegan in this very non-vegan world requires one to be tough & headstrong. Your support & accommodating nature can help vegans & those on the fence to be vegans with a little less effort. Of-course if a vegan is being an ass you are free to treat them however you want, just don’t take it out on other vegans. Remember, vegans are as diverse bunch of people as any.




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