Be the change

Mahatma Gandhi famously said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Most of us want to see good things happening, people helping people, happiness & smiles, prosperity, intelligence, compassion, generosity…

Here I list simple things to do, places to volunteer, initiatives to be part of (based out of Bangalore), to make positive impact.

I’m currently exploring EA – wherein the focus is on donating money to the most effective charities to get maximum out of the limited resources that we have. There’s a group of EA enthusiasts who occasionally have meetups over the weekend which are a great space to learn about EA and other related things.

Contact: Gopinath +91 99 02 088483

This is a chain of orphanages across Bangalore. You can visit & spend time with children. You can also give food & grocery items, stationary, toys, old clothes etc. They also accept monetary contributions.

Contact: On facebook

This is a group of people who are moved by love, come together once/twice a month and cook delicious food from scratch at an orphanage/elder’s home. They also serve the food with love, spend time decorating the place and making the residents feel special. It’s a beautiful experience!

Contact: Chandan +91 96 20 136320

This is a very famous Delhi based NGO involved in relief work during natural disasters & otherwise involved in taking your rejects, mending them & giving to those in need. You can give away virtually anything old, but in good condition stuff that you’re not using anymore. Example: clothes, utensils, footwear, books etc. Why hoard when it can be used by someone in need instead?

Contact: Puneet +91 95 91 863547

This group is working towards the cause of elders. Donate your old newspapers & magazines at one of their dropping centers, to be used by inmates of old age homes to create paper envelopes/packets, which are then sold and the proceeds given to the old age homes.

Contact: On facebook

This group is doing tremendous work, galvanizing volunteers for cleaning up their neighborhoods and reclaiming public spaces almost every weekend. Sign up on their mailing list to receive notifications for their next clean up drive & get to work!

Contact: On facebook

This group works for the protection, well-being and welfare of working animals, as well as towards creating awareness among people regarding the rights of animals to live in peace, health and dignity, just like us. You can visit their shelters which houses equines and choose to make a monetary contribution towards their care as well. The people behind Samabhava are vegans who are humble & honest in their work, highly recommend getting in touch with these guys!

Contact: On facebook

This group screens documentaries for free at various locations in Bangalore. The documentaries are themed around health, food, environment, sustainability etc. Educating yourself goes a long way in understanding the issues that plague our world today & thereby work on solutions. You can choose to make a monetary contribution to help them sustain the costs & organize more such screenings.